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Ethernet Field I/O

Ethernet DL205 I/O Base Controllers (H2-EBC)

Use EBCs for PC-based control and for H*-ERM remote I/O slaves

Ethernet Base Controller modules (EBCs) provide a low-cost, high-performance Ethernet link between DL205 I/O and your PC-based control system, or can be used with WinPLC/ DL205/ DL405 CPUs using the H*-ERM module to provide remote I/O.

H2-EBC modules support 10BaseT (10Mb wire) Ethernet communications, the H2-EBC100 supports 10/100BaseT (100Mb wire), and the H2-EBC-F module supports 10BaseFL (fiber optic) Ethernet standards. All EBC modules are compatible with TCP/IP, IPX and MODBUS TCP/IP (H2-EBC100 only) protocols for flexible PC communications.

Easy to use, reliable and fast!
The H2-EBC(-F) and H2-EBC100 modules plug into the CPU slot of any DL205 I/O base and support all DL205 discrete and analogue I/O modules, and the H2-SERIO and H2-CTRIO specialty modules. All EBC modules can be configured using NetEdit3, a free Windows software utility. The H2-EBC100 also supports HTML configuration.

Off-the-shelf solutions
You can purchase PC-based control software that is ready to use with the H2-EBC100 or H2-EBC(-F) module. PC-based control packages are equipped with compatible I/O device drivers, program development tools, and run-time environments. See the "PC-based Control Products" section of our Web site for a single-source integrated PC-based control solution that ships with everything you need to make your PC into an industrial controller. Most of the software packages allow you to connect serial devices, such as barcode readers, to the H2-EBC100 or H2-EBC(-F) serial port.

10/100baseT Ethernet Base Controller for DL205 Base H2-EBC100 10/100baseT Ethernet Base Controller for DL205 Base

Connection to PLC Ethernet master or PC Ethernet network interface card. Supports 10/100Mb auto-detect, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, IPX, and Modbus TCP/IP application layer protocol.

Data Sheet

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Fibre Optic Ethernet Base Controller for DL205 Base H2-EBC-F Fibre Optic Ethernet Base Controller for DL205 Base

Supports discrete and analogue I/O only. Supports fiber optic connections to PC-based controllers supporting IP/IPX protocol. Installs in CPU slot only.

Data Sheet

Price (Ex VAT): 339.48 / 475.65
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Manual covers all H2-EBC and H4-EBC modules.  Order separately. H24-EBC-M Manual covers all H2-EBC and H4-EBC modules. Order separately.

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Note: Manuals do not come with our products unless specified in the description. Download manual from our web site at no charge, or order manual separately.

Note: New option modules may not be supported by CPUs purchased prior to the modules release. You can refer to the module specification page on our Web site for this information or find it in our catalog. Be sure to check for the latest firmware for your PLC. Here is the direct link to the Firmware Upgrade section of our Web site where you can find the firmware revision histories, the latest files and tools required to download the firmware into your CPU.

Note: Power budget limitations restrict the number of modules allowed in the slots of DL205 bases. Please consult the power budgeting tables in your manual or catalogue for specific calculations. Calculate the power budget
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