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Do-more Series PLC's

Easier control implementation with the latest in PLC technology!

... and with FREE PLC programming software

Do-more Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

  • Do-more H2 Series Micro Modular PLCs

  • Do-more T1H Series Stackable PLCs ... New!

  • Do-more H2 and T1H Series PLCs are the next generation programmable controllers built on strong PLC and field I/O foundations to make control applications easier to implement.

    Do-more Designer is the full-featured programming software for Do-more H2 Series PLCs and Do-more T1H series PLCs.

Do-more H2 (Micro Modular PLC)Do-more H2 (Micro Modular PLC)

The Do-more H2 Series PLC uses proven DirectLOGIC DL205 hardware for a flexible control platform and introduces a powerful, intuitive set of new programming tools.

This combination of Do-more H2 Series CPUs and the existing line of AutomationDirect 205 series I/O modules and base units creates an incredibly powerful micro modular PLC at a fraction of the cost of comparable PLCs and PACs.
Do-more T1H (Stackable PLC)Do-more T1H (Stackable PLC)

The T1H Series PLC Module takes the modular and space-saving package of our Terminator I/O line and converts it into a stand-alone control system. Using Do-more Designer as a foundation, the T1H Series PLC system provides a powerful, flexible instruction set, inside a user friendly programming environment.

Terminator I/O is the most practical distributed field I/O system you can buy. It combines the I/O points with their field terminations into a modular package to save panel space and money.
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