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Please note that due to Thanksgiving Holidays in the USA on the 23rd / 24th November, our delivery schedule will be disrupted this week.

The deadline for orders this week is 4pm on Tuesday 21st November.

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22mm Metal / Plastic

Non-Illuminated Pushbuttons Flush & ExtendedNon-Illuminated Pushbuttons Flush & Extended

Metal bodied Ø22 - with chrome plated corrosion resistant alloy momentary with Flush (30/40mm), Extended (30mm) or Mushroom head operators.
Fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic bodied - rugged yet economical industrial range with Flush or Extended (30mm) operators.
Metal Bodied Ø30mm - Corrosion-resistant anodized mounting rings accepting up to 12 contact blocks per button.
Illuminated PushbuttonsIlluminated Pushbuttons

Available in clear, red, yellow, blue, white and green
Momentary and push ON/push OFF styles
Select Flush or Extended operators
24 and 120-volt lamp and LED models
Choice of contact blocks
Mushroom Head & Emergency Stop PushbuttonsMushroom Head & Emergency Stop Pushbuttons

Available in momentary and twist-to-release models
Non-illuminated and illuminated versions
Yellow E-STOP legend ring available
One N.C. contact block included
Start / Stop Combined Operator buttonsStart / Stop Combined Operator buttons

Two way on/off control
With or without illuminated indicators
One N.O. and one N.C. contact block included
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